Hi Everyone!

The fourth and final batch of Champs 2.0 is about to roll out on January 22nd! Here’s the full list of characters that will be ascendable with this latest update.

Champs 2.0 is a feature that we’ve really enjoyed seeing used by our players as it has brought old favs back into the conversations and placed a whole new level of strategy around new ones. With new characters constantly in our pipeline, here’s a timeline of when you’ll be able to ascend future releases.

New 3 & 4-Star Characters:
Starting with 4-Star Multiple Man (Jaime Madrox) originally released on December 28th, players can to expect to ascend a new release once they enter our Classic Pack rotation roughly one month from release. With Multiple Man, that means he’ll be ascendable around the last week of January.

Why the delay in ascending? Once a character is released, this timeline allows players to get familiar with the character and provides our team with extra data to evaluate how their ascension tiers should be balanced.

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