d3go_logo_full color_alternateHello everyone and welcome to the spiffy new D3 Go! website. I’m David Moore, the D3 Go! Community Manager, and on behalf of the team, let me say that we’re very glad to have you joining us here at our new location with our new look and name! Please dive in and explore around.

Some things that you may have noticed right off the bat – we now have a blog – and hey, you’re reading the second entry right now! Check back with us regularly for fresh info and occasional behind-the-scenes fun. In the near future, we’ll be featuring exciting looks at future releases and offering insider chats with the folks behind our games.

You may also have noticed that the D3 forums now live right here at the D3 Go! website. If you are a current forum user, your details are all the same and you can hop right back into the ongoing conversations about your favorite games. If you haven’t yet explored our forums – feel free to fire up a free account and join in!

What else can you do on our new website?

You can check out our Games section for info on Marvel Puzzle Quest and Adventure Time Card Wars.

You can sign-up for the D3 Go! weekly newsletter to receive all the latest and greatest D3 Go! game news.

And last but not least, if you have a question about or need assistance with Marvel Puzzle Quest or Adventure Time Card Wars you can visit the Support page and open a ticket. Our CS staff will be happy to help!

Thanks for visiting us today. We look forward to seeing you back here again in the coming days and years ahead! D3 Go! is good to go and ready to bring the fun!