Magic Puzzle Quest Chandra Roaring Flame

Hi everyone,

After many months of keeping news tightly under wraps, we were finally able to reveal Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest last week. And it’s awesome to see word about MtGPQ spreading so fast among the gaming faithful!

Here’s a great example. In an article entitled, “Why I Can’t Wait For Puzzle Quest To Consume My Phone Again,” Game Informer‘s Ben Reeves describes his excitement after going hands-on with a demo of Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest at PAX Prime.


“I absolutely adored the original Puzzle Quest, and I’ve spent an absurd amount of time playing Marvel Puzzle Quest over the last couple years, so I was excited to learn about D3 Go!’s upcoming Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest. After matching some colored gems during a demo at PAX, I’m convinced this new quest is going to eat up a lot of my phone’s battery.”

Thanks, Ben! You can READ IT IN FULL HERE.

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