Hey Everyone,

Here are the Release notes for the 1.10.2 update!

Masterpiece Cards
Introducing the brand new Masterpiece Cards! These elusive cards are powerful Mythics, and will help you in your climb to the top!

We’re adding a selection of Masterpiece Cards to both Kaladesh and Aether Revolt. Masterpiece Cards can be obtained through a new Elite Pack in the Vault, and can occasionally be found in Kaladesh Booster Packs.

Check out the Card Gallery here: https://d3go.com//mtgpq-card-list-masterpiece/

Mana Jewels & Elite Packs
We are also introducing a new currency to the game, called Mana Jewels. Using Mana Jewels, you can purchase the brand new Elite Pack, which offers a single card. This booster guarantees a Mythic, and has a chance of a Masterpiece card!

Every two weeks, a new selection of Mythic and Masterpiece cards will be available through the Elite Pack in the Vault. Check out the current rotation of cards by clicking the “View Cards” info button.

Mana Jewels can be acquired by participating in Events, so keep an eye out for them!

Super Packs and Premium Packs
Introducing the new Super and Premium Packs! Super Packs and Premium Packs are available for the Origins Set, the Battle for Zendikar Block, the Shadows of Innistrad Block, and the Kaladesh Block.

The Super Pack contains three Booster Packs, and the Premium Pack contains five Booster Packs. In addition, the Premium Pack contains a bonus Rare Card! These offers will replace the old Fat Pack and Big Box offers.

In addition, Booster Packs from the Kaladesh Block will now have a small chance to contain Masterpiece Cards!

Old boosters will be removed from the vault, however they will always be claimable, even after the update. Once those boosters are claimed, the category will then disappear.

Special Offers
Short on Mana Jewels? Check out the Specials section in the Vault. We’ve updated a number of our Special Offers to include Mana Jewels!

New Events
We are also introducing new events to the game!

Trial of the Planes
The first event, the Trial of the Planes, runs every week day. The event is a brand new variation on our current events: it is a non-competitive Player vs Player event with a big twist – each node is more difficult than the previous.

Here’s the lowdown on this new event:

  • Each day, the Trial of the Planes is centered on a mana color
  • The mana color cycles each week day, with a fixed schedule (the color is the same every week day of every week, so for example Monday is always Red day)
  • With the exception of the first node, you can only play with Planeswalkers that match the day’s color. (Dual-color Planeswalkers can play on both of their color’s days).
  • The event consists of 4 nodes that do not refresh. The goal is to make it as far as possible!
  • Each node has exactly 3 fights on it. When you win a fight on a single node, the next node is unlocked.
  • Each fight is played against another player’s deck in the same tier as you are currently in.
  • Each node you unlock is harder than it’s predecessor
    • The first node is a standard node
    • The second node has your opponent become Enraged on round 5
    • The third node has your opponent become Supercharged on round 5
    • The fourth node has your opponent become Legendary on round 3
      • (Legendary is a new modifier to matches. A Planeswalker that activates Legendary deals double damage, gains double base mana and draws an extra card each turn)
  • There are no special objectives for any of these nodes. Build the strongest deck you can using your best cards and bring your strongest Planeswalkers into combat!
  • Entering the event costs Mana Crystals – the cost of a single Booster Pack.
  • Winning a single fight grants you a Booster Pack of the current block.
  • There are no leaderboards – only progression rewards based on the amount of fights you win.
  • Each tier gains different rewards. The higher your tier and the more fights you win, the more Mana Jewels you will earn.
  • You can only enter the event once per day

The further you get in the Event, the more Mana Jewels you’ll win – with a bonus at higher Color Mastery tiers. Try to enter and reach as high as you can every day to get as many Mana Jewels as you can!

Planeswalker Arena
The second new event we are introducing is the Planeswalker Arena!

Every weekend, you can compete in this new PvP event. The twist here is that this event consists of three nodes, two of which are locked to specific Planeswalkers. You can play with any Planeswalker on the third node.

Make sure not to miss it – with small leaderboards of 500 players, anyone can take first place!

Legacy Events
With the new update, we’ve taken the time to adjust some of the older Events.

Nodes of Power, Emergency Ordinances and Fate is Rarely Fair now have smaller leaderboards of 1000 players (reduced from 3000 players). With the smaller leaderboards, we’ve also rebalanced the rewards from the Events. Smaller leaderboards – more competition!

Finally, we’ve added Mana Jewels to the Revolt Against the Consulate Event. You can win Mana Jewels in progression rewards and the Coalition Leaderboard.

Changelog (Planeswalkers & Cards)
The following two cards have been changed:

  • Gonti’s Aether Heart: Now has 3 Shield, but loses 1 Shield every time you Overload 3, in addition to giving you an extra swap
    • This was a necessary change to the card. It is still quite powerful, and its mana cost has not changed.
  • Electrostatic Pummeler: The card has been redesigned. Its previous Overload 2 ability has been removed and replaced with this ability:
    • “Overload 1: This creature gains +X/0 until the end of your turn, where X is the amount of Energized gems on the board, then remove 5 Energy from the board”.
      • Electrostatic Pummeler became too strong under certain circumstances. Using this new mechanic instead of the old one, it can still reach very high levels of Power but shouldn’t be able to reach the amount of Power it could before.

Bug Fixes

Cards, Planeswalkers & Gameplay

  • Each creature you control fails to get +3/+3 when reinforcing Rishkar, Peema Renegade.
  • An infinite Thopter summoning loop occurs when Sly Requisitioner triggers Mirrorpool.

UI, UX, Localization & Graphics

  • The text fails to display in all caps when viewing the Battle Log button in the Pause prompt.
  • A gap displays between the Chat and Quit buttons when viewing the Game Paused Menu.
  • The Battle Log text displays on two lines when viewing the Battle Log button in the Pause menu.
  • The Potion button graphic display cut off when viewing the Potion button.
  • The damage amount size displays inconsistently when viewing damage dealt in the Battle Log.
  • The Challenge artwork displays stretched when viewing the Challenge selection screen.
  • Extra Reward image is missing the AER icon
  • An infinite loading screen displays when proceeding to any encounter from the Nodes Screen.
  • The Evergreen description boxes fail to display when tapping Evergreens.
  • The timer begins on a 7 hour timer when viewing the Fate is Rarely Fair Event.
  • SOI training is not correctly translated.
  • The Opponent’s cards erroneously display when multiple in-hand abilities activate in the Battle Log.

Progression & Rewards

  • The Player Ranking Rewards fail to be received when achieving the Silver 6-25 Player Rank.