Cards, Planeswalkers & Gameplay

  • Alhammarret’s Archive is preventing lifegain from any source.
  • Creatures fails to be destroyed at the end of turn when playing Glorious End.
  • Card is moved to top of the hand when cancelling casting a spell.
  • First strike creatures are taking damage when they outright kill a creature.
  • Activate-x cards are not creating their gems.
  • On Enter Battlefield is triggered twice.
  • Lightning Runner attacks a second time against a destroyed creature when attacking a debuffed creature.
  • With New Perspective on the board, Cast Out does not gain mana when it is drawn.
  • Artwork fails to display when viewing the first card in the hand after the encounter begins.
  • Cycling Oketra’s Attendants does not create Embalm gems.
  • Destroy spells do not kill creatures with Prevent Damage.

UI, UX, Localization & Graphics

  • App can freeze when viewing all the cards in the Free Booster.
  • App slows down, sometimes hangs when assigning a PW and a Deck in Events.
  • The button is unresponsive when tapping the Purchase button for Planeswalkers on the right side of the screen in the Planeswalker tab.
  • Coalition Challenges should display the timer as well as the remaining boss health
    Node recharge count does not visually update.
  • The card mastery animation is not fullscreen.
  • The first card, that is drawn, doesn’t load the correct art asset until a stable internet connection is established
  • Placeholder text displays when viewing the Purchase Limit text on the Epic Starter Pack.
  • Chromatic Gachas have a loc_key in their category names

Progression & Rewards

  • The Coalition Rewards (From 1-2 / 3-10) aren’t set as designed.
  • Blue Node in Trial of Ambition is not Enraged

System & Connectivity

  • Zendesk / Customer Support: Fixed technical issues