2.4 Release Notes

New Card Set: Ixalan

Welcome to the jungle. We’ve got…Vampires, Pirates, Merfolk, and Dinosaurs!

Ixalan has officially arrived in Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest, and with it comes 3 new Planeswalkers, 2 new Events, and a total of 191 new cards!


The adventurous world of Ixalan brings new mechanics to MtGPQ, highlighting each of the Tribes and their characteristics.

  • Double-Faced Supports
    • When the card’s specific condition is met, it transforms into a new Support with different abilities and the new Land subtype
  • Explore
    • When a creature Explores, gems become converted, and if those gems are unable to be matched during the conversion, then the creature receives a buff.
  • Enrage
    • Dinosaurs with this keyword will trigger a special ability every time they take damage.
  • Raid
    • If a creature with Raid attacks, and the player attacked the turn prior, the creature’s special ability activates
  • Treasure
    • Treasures are tokens created by Pirates and Pirate-related cards. Match these artifact tokens in order to gain precious Mana!

Check out the full details here: Tribes and Mechanics of Ixalan


All this talk of Treasure has caused 3 new Planeswalkers to appear in Ixalan!

Jace, Cunning Castaway – Blue

Huatli, Warrior Poet – Red/White

Vraska, Relic Seeker – Black/Green

Check out the full details here: Planeswalking Into Ixalan


Time to try out your new cards and Planeswalkers! We’ve got 2 new events coming to MtGPQ, with a whole new spin on rules and modifiers.

Across Ixalan – PvP – Standard
This is a PvP event with a similar structure to the Trial of the Planes events. They will be short events that have color restrictions on each iteration. The entry fee will be significantly reduced from 60 Mana Crystals to 20 Mana Crystals. The biggest change coming with Ixalan’s events though are the effects and rules that affect each node:

Race to Orazca – Coalition PvP – Standard
Band together with your teammates to best other Coalitions in the race to reach Orazca first! Each node of this event will affect the Tribes of that node’s color.

Check out the full details here: Adventures in Ixalan

Special Offers

To celebrate the arrival of Ixalan, we will have a brand new selection of special offers available – including Planeswalker and Tribal themed bundles. Keep an eye out in the Vault, so you can snag them while you can!

Bug Fixes

  • Viewing a Card in the player’s hand will no longer block the screen in Battle, when using the following Planeswalkers’ abilities at the same time:
    • Dovin Baan
    • Garruk Wildspeaker
    • Saheeli Rai
    • Sarkhan the Mad
  • Various Planeswalkers will no longer be omitted from nodes in the Events Avacyn’s Madness and Oath of the Gatewatch: Part II
  • The following Planeswalker abilities will no longer be activatable, if the player’s hand is full:
    • Nissa, Sage Animist – Nature’s Bounty
    • Sarkhan the Mad – Fiery Sacrifice
    • Arlinn Kord – Call the Pack
  • The following Planeswalker abilities will no longer be activatable, if the player’s hand is empty:
    • Liliana, the Last Hope – Necromantic Absorption
  • Hazoret’s Undying Fury will now always fetch 4 spells from the deck
  • Call the Scions is no longer discarded, if there are 3 creatures on the battlefield, and Not Now is selected
  • Lightning Javelin can no longer target your own Planeswalker
  • Abrade will no longer fail to cast, if there are no enemy supports on the battlefield
  • Fixed a problem with Coalition Rewards
  • Adjusted artwork for Zombie token Card of Card Earthshaker Khenra
  • Fixed an issue with Planeswalker avatars appearing on Card artwork