3.1 Release Notes

General Changes

The 3.1 update is bringing the holiday cheer with a plethora of special gifts, bundles, holiday event rewards, card re-balances, and bug fixes! Check out all the details below:

Holiday Card

We’ve got another special holiday card to give out to players, so make sure to check back later in December during the holidays to find out what free card everyone gets! In addition, the holiday cards “Some Disassembly Required” and “Thopter Pie Network” will now receive the Enchantment subtype.

Special Offers

To celebrate the arrival of the holidays, we will have a brand new selection of special offers available. Keep an eye out in the Vault, so you can snag them while you can!

Card Changes

Woodland Wanderer
  • Power and Toughness changed from 3/3 to 5/5
Greenwarden of Murasa
  • Power and Toughness changed from 4/5 to 7/6
Infuse with the Elements
  • Converged Mana changed from 2 to 4: “Give target creature +x/+x and Trample until the end of your turn, where X is your Converged mana times 4.”
  • Cost changed from 16 to 15

Planeswalker Changes

Jaya Ballard
Some changes were made to Jaya Ballard’s third ability, in order to avoid loops. 
  • Minor Professional Destruction
    • “Whenever you cast a noncopy spell, copy the first spell from your library.
  • Professional Destruction
    • “Whenever you cast a noncopy spell, copy the first spell from your library. It gains half of its mana.
  • Improved Professional Destruction
    • “Whenever you cast a noncopy spell, copy the first spell from your library. It gains full mana.
  • Major Professional Destruction
    • “Whenever you cast a noncopy spell, copy the first 2 different spells from your library. They gain full mana.

Elite Pack Changes

Guilds of Ravnica Elite Packs now have the same Mythic and Masterpiece cards in both Rare+ and Mythic+ packs.

Holiday Event Rewards

Just for the holiday seasons, players can enjoy increased rewards from a bunch of different events! These rewards will be increased starting December 10th, 2018 and ends with A World Reborn on January 7th. *New Update*
Click on the images and check out the details below:
Rising Tensions
Holiday Showdown
A Journey Through History – All 4 Chapters
Training Grounds – Standard
Training Grounds
Trial of the Planes
A World Reborn
Return of the God-Pharaoh
Nodes of Power
Hour of Devastation – Elspeth & Samut
Trial of Ambition & Hour of Revelation
Fateful Showdown
Oath of the Gatewatch: Part 1 & 2

Bug Fixes

  • The app no longer soft-locks when casting Plague Mare while the opponent controls two or more reinforced Creatures in Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Mana bonus reductions were stacking when reinforcing Damping Sphere in Battle, now the mana bonus reductions remains at 2.
  • Fixed an issue where a random card was fetching from the deck instead of drawn when one of the player’s Djinn’s Wish Support token was destroyed in Battle, now the top card of the deck is drawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the opponent’s card was moving to the top of the player’s Library instead of the player’s hand when Etali, Primal Storm attacks while the opponent’s hand is full in Battle, now the opponent’s card is moved to the player’s hand. 
  • Fixed an issue where a Creature’s stats was remaining unchanged when targeted by an M19 Aura Spell with a permanent stat-changing effect, which was previously cast targeting that Creature, then returned to the player’s hand from the graveyard in Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Declare Dominance was remaining in the player’s hand, instead of being cast when casting Declare Dominance, while the opponent controls no Creatures in Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s Creatures were invalid targets when casting Firecannon Blast in Battle, now they are valid targets.
  • Fixed an issue where Ravenous Harpy was gaining +2/+2 total, instead of +2/+2 per reinforcement lost, when another Creature the player controls loses multiple reinforcements at once in Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Momentous Fall was able to be cast, even when the player didn’t have any creatures on the battlefield
  • Fixed an issue where Bat tokens were created when selecting the Now Now button on the Replace Creature prompt after God-Pharaoh’s Gift activates, while Desecrated Tomb is on the board in Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Jade Guardian was an invalid target when casting Jade Guardian
  • Fixed an issue where the Raided effect was remaining when casting Chart a Course after the player has already Raided in Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Liliana, Death’s Majesty’s Horde Support gem was remaining inactive when the opponent summons a Zombie Creature
  • Fixed an issue where Regal Bloodlord’s ability was triggered, when the opponent gains life, while Regal Bloodlord was on the battlefield
  • Fixed an issue where the Creature with the highest power was disabled, instead of the Knight with the highest power, when matching Aryel, Knight of Windgrace’s Black Activated Gem
  • Fixed an issue where Land Spell cards were invalid targets, instead of valid targets, when activating Knight of Reliquary’s abilities
  • Fixed an issue where zero cards were drawn, instead of one, when Veteran Motorist enters the battlefield while the player has no Vehicle cards in their hand
  • Fixed an issue where the opponent would target one of their own Creatures, when activating Liliana, Untouched by Death’s Zombie Swarm ability, while the player controls no Creatures, now the opponent only targets the player’s Creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where Non-Historic Creatures were remaining unboosted, when a non-Historic Creature is the player’s first Creature on the battlefield with Blackblade Reforged on the board, while the opponent controls a Land Support on the board, now non-Historic Creatures gain +1/+1.
  • Fixed an issue where Blightcaster was remaining inactive when casting a token Support in Battle, it now activates.
  • Fixed an issue where the opponent’s deck in Origins Story: Chapter 1, Part 1 contained Akroan Jailer, now the opponent’s deck contains only red cards.
  • Fixed an issue where Scapeshift was remaining inactive, instead of being cast, when casting Scapeshift while there are no Land cards in the player’s deck
  • Fixed an issue where additional Creatures were missing from the Move Card prompt, when casting Vivien’s Invocation multiple times in Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Wand was remaining inactive, instead of fetching an opponent’s Spell card, when matching one of Chaos Wand’s Activated Gems multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where the gifted Evergreen was disappearing, when viewing a Creature’s Evergreens, after casting Angelic Gift
  • Fixed an issue where the Facebook window was missing when selecting the Facebook button in the Invite Friends Screen
  • Fixed an issue where the player was losing 1 Creature reinforcement, instead of 2, when casting Demon of Catastrophes in Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Nullhide Ferrox was remaining in the graveyard, when Nullhide Ferrox was discarded from the player’s hand through an opponent’s effect, while Nullhide Ferrox is in the player’s hand in Battle, now Nullhide Ferrox moves to the hand with full mana.
  • Fixed an issue where the Creature continues to be targeted after being destroyed, when targeting a Creature that returns to the battlefield after it was destroyed with a Spell card that targets multiple times in Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where only 30 damage was dealt, when simultaneously destroying multiple Support gems that deal damage to the owner after they are destroyed in Battle, now 30 damage is dealt for each Support gem that deals damage to the owner.
  • Fixed an issue where a Creature was counting as destroyed when exiled by Necrotic Wound in Battle, now the Creature is Exiled.
  • Fixed an issue where Pelt Collector was boosted when reinforcing a Creature, while that reinforcement would boost the Creature’s Power higher than Pelt Collector’s Power in Battle, now Pelt Collector remains unboosted.
  • Fixed an issue with Decree of Justice not creating tokens in two cases: opponent’s Discard effects and when the player cast a card that has Discard 2 and both discarded cards are Decree of Justice.
  • Fixed an issue with Narcomoeba losing a reinforcement, when a Narcomoeba was put into the graveyard from the player’s library, while another Narcomoeba was on the battlefield.
  • Fixed an issue where cards with Convoke and Stored Mana had their Stored Mana reduced, instead of the base mana, when the Convoke is full.
  • Fixed an issue with Vampiric Drain was valid to activate when activating Sorin, Grim Nemesis’ Vampiric Drain ability while the player controls zero Creatures in Battle, it now Vampiric Drain ability is valid to activate.
  • Fixed an issue where copied cards were valid to be cast on the turn they were copied, instead of invalid, when copying a card into the player’s hand that can be cast the turn it was copied, now the copied cards are invalid until the turn after they were copied.
  • Fixed an issue where Grim Captain’s Call was valid to cast, instead of invalid to cast, when casting Grim Captain’s Call while the player has zero Creatures in their graveyard in Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prevent Damage tooltip was missing when tapping the Prevent Damage evergreen on Razia, Boros Archangel in Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where less than four cards displayed when Surveilling while the deck has three or less cards, now the deck refreshes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Aether Boost objective’s reward was 5 ribbons, instead of 2 ribbons, when completing a battle after Energizing 8 or more gems in the Fate is Rarely Fair Event’s Blue Node.
  • Fixed an issue with Vineshaper Mystic remaining unboosted, when casting Vineshaper Mystic, while Vineshaper Mystic is the first or second Merfolk on the Battlefield.
  • Fixed an issue where It That Rides as One was gaining an extra attack, when gaining life on the same turn Lone Rider attacks in Battle, it now That Rides as One attacks once.
  • Fixed an issue where a 1/1 Soldier token was created, instead of a 4/4 White Avatar token, when Ajani’s Last Stand was discarded by an opponent’s effect in Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Infernal Reckoning was cast, instead of remaining inactive, when selecting the Not Now button during Infernal Reckoning’s Casting prompt in Battle.
  • Fixed some Text Issues.