Hey Everyone

Here are the final release notes for the R116 patch update today!

MPQ R116!

This holiday season Thanos, not Santa Claus, will be delivering gifts to all the lucky “Marvel Puzzle Quest” players. And he’s bringing Death with him!
Find out more about 5-Star Thanos (Classic) and 3-Star Thanos (Modern) here:


“A dark obsession!”

What’s Changed:

  • When playing Marvel Puzzle Quest for the first time on a device, players are able to restore their save from Facebook from the loading screen
  • Fixed a rare crash on iOS devices
  • Fixed a rare crash when recruiting a character for the first time.
  • Powers that increase the amount of AP required to activate a power will no longer increase it beyond the maximum AP a character can have.
  • The Motivation tile created by Black Bolt’s power The Silent King will now properly increase the power level of the countdown tiles created by Medusa’s power Entanglement.
  • Players earn 2 XP for each Versus match they play.
  • Fixed a crash when The Hulk (Bruce Banner) transforms from his ability, The Other Guy.