Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R131 update

MPQ 131!

“Diamond: C(s, diamond)”

What’s Changed:

  • Take another swing at the Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six Boss Event on July 24!
  • Initial loading times have been reduced.
  • Removed the short delay when switching between different store offerings.
  • 1-Stars will no longer display the amount of Iso-8 would be required to take that character past their Maximum level.
  • Pressing the Back button on Android devices while viewing a secondary power will now reveal the original powers.
  • Powers that require input from the player are now randomly chosen when they are being activated by Colossus (Classic)’s power Fastball Special.
    • For example, if Quake (Daisy Johnson)’s power Resonate Frequency is activated by colossus, the tile that is chosen is randomly selected.
  • In Wave missions, Doctor Octopus (Classic)’s power Cunning Scheme will now end the current wave instead of completing the entire mission.
  • Black Bolt (Inhuman King) will now be downed correctly when he takes damage as a passive reaction to activating The Silent King.