Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the patch update.

What’s Changed:

  • Fixed a rare crash issue that involves a character that is downed by matching their Countdown or Trap tile.
  • The Hero Points displayed after purchasing a Hero for Hire store offering will now immediately show the correct amount of Hero Points in all store offerings.
  • Bonus Hero odds will no longer display incorrectly in the Pack Odds screen when no Bonus Heroes are selected.
  • Matching a friendly Fortified Daredevil (Man Without Fear)’s Ambush tile will no longer create two copies of the Trap tile.
  • The Next Level text for Iceman (All-New X-Men)’s power Uncanny Snowman will no longer display both versions of the power at the same time.
  • Nova (Sam Alexander)’s power Rocket Man will now take into account friendly Strike tiles when dealing damage.
  • Yondu (Awesome Mix Volume 2)’s powers will now correctly play sound effects when fired.