Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R141 update!

MPQ R141!

  • “Treading the line between light and dark”

What’s Changed:

  • Character animations can now be turned off by deselecting the Character Effects checkbox in the Options menu.
  • Shields in Versus battles will now break correctly when the network is disabled
  • User Interface updates to the Mobile version of the game
    • The top portion of the battle screen is no longer scrollable
    • A button has been added to the enemy side to help toggle between what character is in the front position
    • The crosses that indicate character health have been replaced with a more readable health bar
    • The AP Bar will now display the AP received, when it is gained by a Passive power.

  • Reduced loading for new players on iOS devices
  • Known Issue: Nightcrawler’s allies sometimes take increased damage when team damage is dealt to his team.