Hi Everyone,

Here are the release notes for the R150 update!

MPQ 150!

  • Discover even more of the Marvel Universe’s exciting characters, iconic locations, and unique items with the brand new Supports feature!

What’s Changed:

  • Introducing Supports!
    • Now your Marvel heroes and villains can use Supports to make them even stronger! Equip your characters with Supports for increased stats and new powers.
    • Supports are places, people, vehicles, gear… anything that helps make a Marvel hero or villain who they are. They’re collectible, durable items that you equip to characters.
    • Perks give bonuses and extra powers to the characters who equip them. Each rank that a Support gains, an additional Perk unlocks.
    • Find out more about how Supports can add further variety and power to your characters by checking out our Supports FAQ page
    • Curious what the developers think? Check out what Casey Malone, Paige Pettoruto, and Sarah Meddaugh of Demiurge have to say about them: Supports Developer Video


  • Known Supports Issues
    • The Quinjet Support is not currently visible. Hotfixed for later this week.
    • The Avengers Tower synergy Perk fires whenever anyone on the team fires a power – it should be firing only when Iron Man fires a power. Hotfixed for later this week.
    • The Quinjet’s Rank 1 Perk was significantly overpowered at high levels. Top end Strike tile strength reduced from 1647 to 276. Hotfixed for later this week.
    • Thanos (The Mad Titan)’s Infinite Power does not prevent tile destruction or modification by Support Perks at the moment. That’ll be fixed in R151.
    • Support Perks that increase maximum health heal characters when a battle finishes, and they show a healing animation on the health bar at the start of battle. That’ll be fixed in R151.
    • Archangel (Classic)’s power Aerial Superiority doesn’t prevent AP generation by Support Perks at the moment. That’ll be fixed in R151.
    • When The Hulk (Bruce Banner) transforms due to The Other Guy, Supports attached to The Hulk won’t work for the remainder of the battle.
    • Countdown tiles created by Supports don’t go away when the character they’re equipped to is downed. That applies to The Milano and the Chimichanga synergy Perks.
    • The Destroyer Gun’s synergy Perk still fires when Agent Coulson is stunned.
    • The Support Store is only visible if you have Support tokens, and it says “Get Your Covers!”.
    • In the PC layout, the Red Iso-8 display overlaps other UI elements on the Supports inventory when you have 10,000 or more Red Iso-8.
    • It’s not clear from your roster which characters have Supports equipped.
  • Steve Rogers and his variants have been renamed to Captain America
    • 2-Star Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    • 3-Star Captain America (Super Soldier)
    • 5-Star Captain America (First Avenger)