R151.1 Update: Support Perks that have a chance to activate will now activate in accordance to their listed percentages. 

Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R151 update!

MPQ 151!

  • “Clairvoyant or Nostalgia?”

What’s Changed:

  • Character Stats that have been increased by Supports are now displayed in Gold. This can be seen in all relevant areas of the game.
  • A button is displayed in the Supports store that allows players to view the chances to receive Supports at a given rank for each type of pack.
  • On the Steam version of the game, pressing Escape or Space will claim a newly received Support.
  • Fixed a rare crash that happened after claiming the Red Iso-8 that is given when first receiving Supports
  • Support Perks that increase maximum health no longer heal characters when a battle finishes
  • Archangel (Classic)’s power Aerial Superiority prevents AP generation by Support Perks
  • Thanos (The Mad Titan)’s Infinite Power now prevents tile destruction or modification by Support Perks.

Known Issues

  • Support Perks that have a chance to activate are activating less often than listed in the descriptions. We are currently planning to address this issue by the end of next week (by April 27th)