Hi Everyone,

Here are the release notes for the R152 update:

MPQ 152!

  • Check out the new Infinity War characters and Supports!

What’s Changed:

  • In battles where Supports are eligible, Support information can be seen when accessing the character’ information.
  • In the Roster screen, a symbol is displayed next to characters that have a Support equipped.
  • When swapping one Support for another, you are able to see the details of the Support you are switching to before equipping.
  • When equipping a Support, if there are Supports that have a Synergy Perk the character can use, they are displayed first.
  • Added the text “Perks” to the Support info screen to better  highlight that the button takes you to the Perks screen.
  • The Support store and packs will remain visible, even if you do not have tokens to them.
  • Countdown tiles created by Support perks are now removed when the character it is equipped to is downed.
  • Removed the healing animation at the start of battles where there is a Support Perk that gives additional health to a character.