Hi Everyone,

Here are the release notes for the R153 update!

MPQ 153!

  • Check out the latest addition to the 5-Star tier, Okoye (Warrior General)!

What’s Changed:

  • When a character cover in the Rewards Queue expires, the amount of Iso-8 received from selling the cover is added to your resources instead.
  • Unowned Supports now show the Perks at the maximum rarity and level.
  • Supports equipped to Powered-Up characters display the correct stats when viewed.
  • The rarity Stars in the Player Rewards screen are now correctly displayed
  • The Support tutorial no longer ends without being able to progress, if the target character in the Support Tutorial already has a Support equipped
  • [Steam Only] The revive button is now easier to click

Character Changes

  • In cases where Gwenpool (Gwen Poole)’s power ‘SPLOITS! gives the Player AP after firing, that amount has been reduced to 2 AP at all levels. This is to eliminate undesirable behavior when reducing the cost of the power.
  • The non-playable character, Maggia Don, now behaves like other non-playable characters.
    • Power banner is no longer displayed in the mission description
    • The character cannot be targeted by Cloak and Dagger (Classic)’s power, The Darkness Hungers