Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R156 update:

MPQ 156!

  •  “Mind Over Matter”

What’s Changed:

  • Players can now see other players Supports!
    • When viewing the player’s roster, characters that have a Support attached have the support icon displayed.
    • When viewing a player’s roster, a button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen that lets the player see their Supports.
    • There is a button on the bottom of the Supports screen that takes the player to the Roster screen.
  • If a player is currently battling a boss and their Alliance completes the round, then the cooldown of the boss mission will be reset.
  • The background color of the Support page in the Character Information screen matches the other screens when Championed.
  • The maximum amount of covers you can have in your reward cache before experiencing problems has been increased. Please keep the number of covers in your reward cache to less than 10,000 covers.

Character Changes/Fixes:

  • Archangel (Classic)’s power Angle of Attack now downs characters that are Airborne, but stun immune, if the power reduced the character to 0 health.
  • Jubilee (Classic)’s power Heart of the Team will only display one banner per turn.
  • Okoye (Warrior General)’s power Piercing Throw can no longer target Locked tiles.
  • Sentry (Dark Avengers)’s power Supernova now counts Locked and Fortified tiles when calculating damage done to allies.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet is on the correct hand when Thanos (The Mad Titan)’s power Come and Get me is activated.
  • War Machine (James Rhodes)’s power Heat Signature no longer removes Locked Protect tiles.
  • Wiccan (Young Avengers)’s Magical Barrier tiles no longer create power banners when Wiccan cannot gain health.
  • A power banner is displayed when Wiccan (Young Avengers)’s Chain Lightning is activated rather than after the power has finished.
  • Wiccan (Young Avengers)’s power Chain Lightning can no longer target Locked tiles.
  • For each Appetite for Destruction tile created by Symbiote Abomination a tile will be destroyed. Fixed an issue were only one tile would be destroyed per turn.