Hi Everyone,

Here are the release notes for the R167 update!

MPQ 167!

  • “Anything For Love”

What’s Changed:

  • Hero Point Sale starts today, 12/3, and ends on 12/10!
  • In wave missions, when an enemy power downs one teammate and causes another one to arrive, the newly arriving character will no longer fire passive powers in response.
    • For example: you’re fighting Carnage and he fires Symbiote Scythes, downing a teammate and causing Kamala Khan to arrive. “Bring Out The Best” used to fire in response to Symbiote Scythes; now it doesn’t.
    • Please Note: This is a fix specifically for when the enemy team downs their own teammate.
  • Corrected behavior where “Full Points” would display before the event points were actually full.
  • Alignment of “Tap Here” circle in tutorial missions has been improved.