Hi Everyone –

Here are the R207 Release Notes.


Shift the summer into high gear with an ALL-NEW character coming soon to MARVEL Puzzle Quest.

• Partner up and throw punches with Misty Knight, the latest character to join MPQ and is currently featured in various events and packs.
• Launch yourself into a brand new Space Stone Season coming up with Captain Marvel, Thor, The Hood, and more!
• Secure your team’s spot at the top in the upcoming Avengers vs. Ultron Alliance Event!

• Devices with 2:3 screen aspect ratio now display the game in 9:16
• When minions passively generate AP, the animation now displays the correct amount of AP instead of always displaying 1.
• Weekly buffs will no longer include two characters that cannot be played together
• After Karnak’s passive power “Find the Flaw” transforms into “Exploit the Flaw”, selecting him will correctly show the description for “Exploit the Flaw”.
• When Valkyrie’s “Bounty Hunter” tile is on the board at the same time as Thanos (The Mad Titan)’s “Infinite Power” tile, it will now destroy itself after triggering once instead of being able to trigger multiple times
• Countdown tiles created by Support perks will now display the correct banner when activating