Hi Everyone –

Here are the R209 Release Notes.

“Iron Woman?”

Deal massive damage and stop enemies in their tracks with an ALL-NEW character coming soon!

– Join forces with our latest character – Wolverine (Samurai Daken), currently featured in MPQ events!

– Play with your Alliance and take down Ultron in the upcoming boss event Ultron Vs. Avengers!

– Prep your squad for PvP Puzzle Battle in the upcoming Power Stone Season starting on 8/21 (UTC)!


  • Roster Screen Update
    • Roster Screen has been updated with an all new visual style
      • The screen is now scrolled vertically.
      • Characters are grouped into Heroes and Unowned categories. These categories list how many characters are in each category.
      • The roster purchase button has moved to the top of the screen. The number besides the button shows how many total roster slots you have (including empty roster slots)
      • The Claim Your Rewards! button has been updated. It is still located at the bottom of the screen when you have rewards to claim.
    • A sort button has been added. You can sort your characters by level, name, or how many Shards they have.
    • The filter feature has been expanded to include characters’ power colors. Characters that have powers that change color, like Legion, only include the colors that are displayed on the Roster screen.
      • You can now select multiple filter criteria at the same time.