Hi Everyone –

Here are the R230 Release Notes.

“Ohm my”

  • You snooze, you lose…Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy) is in select events now!
  • Log in on June 20 for a FREE gift to celebrate Father’s Day!
  • Take your Alliance to the top in the Avengers v. Ultron Event on June 24.
  • Battle it out before the Reality Stone Season ends for more rewards!

Additional Details

  • Mission details now have a new visual style.
    • Mission rewards can now be scrolled horizontally, instead of being shown one at a time.
  • Champion reward lists have a new visual style.
  • When sorting characters by level, non-champion characters of the same level are now sorted by number of trained covers instead of by name.
  • When selecting a support and then choosing which character to equip that support to, characters with synergy for that support are now always correctly sorted to the front.
  • When selecting a character and then choosing which support to equip to that character, unowned supports will now display in a greyed-out state instead of not displaying at all.
  • Using the back button will now correctly proceed to the previous screen in several rare cases.
  • Text now displays with correct spelling and grammar in numerous areas of the game.

Thanks for playing!