Hi Everyone –

Here are the R236 Release notes.

“Destined to rule”

  • Don’t miss this tank on the front lines…The Hydra Stomper (Steve Rogers) is in select events ending soon!
  • Log in to MPQ on September 15th for a FREE gift to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!
  • Get your squad ready for the Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six Alliance Event on September 16th!
  • Down all enemies with special tiles in the ALL-NEW Puzzle Ops Event and Power up with a new season in MPQ starting September 23rd. Get matching!

Additional Details:

  • Fixed an issue where Shang-Chi couldn’t lose combo points while he was inactive (Stunned or Airborne), even if his team didn’t make a Red or Purple match
    • Fixed a related issue where Shang-Chi could gain combo points while inactive; now, making a Red or Purple match while he’s Stunned or Airborne will only cause him to not lose combo points at the end of the turn.
  • Fixed several spelling and grammatical errors in multiple languages

Thank you for playing!


Please note: An error with the dates came to our attention and the dates above have been edited to reflect the correct dates.