Hi Everyone,

Knowledge is power, and whether you’re a budding newcomer or a hardened veteran, that’s no different in Magic: the Gathering, Puzzle Quest. From the variety of Planeswalkers to the unique card sets, MtGPQ has plenty of content for players to learn about and experiment with.

A YouTube channel that knows this well is Mythic Moves. They’ve produced a large collection of videos that showcase the various elements of the game that players can expect to see, and demonstrate various decks and strategies they’ve come up with.

We had the chance to speak with one of the founders of Mythic Moves, and this is what he had to say. Check it out!


D3 Go: The man behind MTGPQ Mythic Moves – Tell us a bit about yourself!

Calvin: My name is Calvin. I am 29 and live in Michigan.  I have two boys, a degree in business administration, and have managed restaurants since I was 18

D3 Go: What got you interested in Magic the Gathering in the first place?

Calvin: I have played MtG since I was 12.  My friend at the time introduced it to me and taught me how to play.  My first deck was a Goblin deck.  I was an avid player until I started college, and have been a true collector of the cards since I started playing.

D3 Go: What drew you to Magic: Puzzle Quest?

Calvin: MtGPQ actually worked into my life, because of how many interruptions I have throughout my day.  I love to play games, and love MtG more than any other game.  With my kids and hectic life, I almost never get to play. MtGPQ bridged that gap, and has become a true love and joy of mine.

D3 Go: Do you have a favorite Planeswalker? Who would you add to the game, if you could?

Calvin: I do not think he is the best Planeswalker, but my favorite is definitely Koth.  With his red mana gain, I have a lot of fun being able to add a lot of high cost cards all to the same deck.  I am missing a black/green Planeswalker.  That is my favorite combination in MtG, and really hope with a B/G Planeswalker being in Ixalan, it will come to this game as well.

D3 Go: What about a favorite card or deck strategy?

Calvin: As you can all see from the videos, my favorite combination in the game is Olivia’s Decimation: combining Olivia and the Eldrazi Decimator to win fast and maintain full life.

D3 Go: Your channel has some great video content. What are your plans moving forward with the channel?

Calvin: My coalition, and MtGPQ Mythic Moves, was actually started by another player.  His name was L337fool, and you can still find some of his content on the Mythic Moves page.  In the future, I plan to give more overviews of past and new Planeswalkers, post new event videos quicker, continue to fill the page with great decks, and especially post fun decks with cards or themes requested by the growing subscribers.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Calvin! Be sure to check out Mythic Moves and their videos talking about MtGPQ’s newest Planeswalker: Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh