Get ready for an exciting update to PVP in MARVEL Puzzle Quest! Starting later this month, you’ll be able to optimize and enhance your PVP strategy by equipping Supports to characters on your roster during Support-enabled PVP events. June 27th will kick off our inaugural Support-enabled PVP season, featuring a whole month of Support-enabled PVP events. Experiment with different Supports to find the perfect combo for your play style!

As we introduce this new layer of strategy to PVP, we’ll be listening intently to feedback and closely monitoring how Supports influence the PVP landscape. Supports in PVP has been an actively discussed topic and our goal is to get your input to help us improve and fine-tune this feature for the future. Together, we’ll make sure that Supports enhances both your roster and the PVP experience. Here’s what else you’ll want to know before we roll out this exciting new feature.


Bringing Supports to PVP will create a fresh, new dynamic for both Supports and PVP that creates a new meta that branches out to all aspects of MPQ. Supports will receive a boost to their utility and enhance an additional facet of MPQ. PVP seasons and events will receive a new layer of strategy and skill, as players can now mix and match their roster and their Supports to create new synergies to overcome their opponents. Ultimately, we want to provide the best experience MPQ has to offer by continuing to improve and evolve every aspect of the game.


In the future, individual PVP events and seasons may have Supports enabled or disabled. We may even adjust specific gameplay elements at times, such as the number of Support slots that players can utilize during certain events or seasons. We’re approaching this feature with adaptability and improvements in mind. Occasionally enabling or disabling Supports in PVP as we progress through the events gives our team the greatest flexibility to refine the feature based on data and your feedback. We’re eager to refine how Supports integrate into PVP and boost the experience for everyone.


During the inaugural Support-enabled PVP season starting later this month, players will be able to equip up to three Supports – one for each member of your team. In the future, we may try out events or seasons with only one or two Support slots available instead. We plan to experiment with these changes to get feedback from the community, see what works best for the PVP experience, and strive towards making Support-enabled PVPs feel perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


Creating a fun and, most importantly, balanced experience for everyone during Support-enabled PVPs is our #1 goal! We plan to shape the Supports in PVP meta in a healthy way over time through feedback, testing, and rebalances to Supports that need it.

Support-enabled PVP events will be brand new for all of us – the dev team included. During the first Support-enabled PVP season, we plan to allow any and all Supports to be equipped for battle and join the fight. We would love for you to try out all of your Supports to find out which ones are best for your team! 

This initial unrestricted trial run will give us all great insight that we haven’t been able to gather before into how Supports affect the PVP landscape. Knowledge accumulated from the first Support-enabled PVP season will help us determine which Supports receive the most community feedback, which ones are dominating PVP in an unhealthy way, and which Supports could use a boost to make them more viable.

The Supports that we’ve designed and released recently were created with their PVP debut in mind. We believe that these Supports will be fun, offer new, interesting strategies, and be a pillar of a healthy meta. Some of the more seasoned Supports – those that have been part of MPQ for a while – might need an adjustment or two before they find their healthy niche in PVP.

We’ll continue to watch, test, and rebalance Supports as needed over time with PVP in mind. As part of this process, we may need to temporarily remove certain Supports from PVP for a much-needed rebalance or smaller adjustments before we reintroduce them back into the world of Support-enabled PVP. We’ve even added a new “Rebalanced!” banner to the roster for both Supports and Characters to announce these changes as soon as they’re ready for you. Be on the lookout for that banner!

(Note: The above images are examples only, not current rebalances)

 We can’t wait for you to try out your Supports in PVP and even more excited to see what new ways players can take this feature and change up the landscape of how the game is played! We’ll see you, and your Supports, in PVP very soon!