Battleworld (Exploration Map)

Release Date

April 27, 2023

Equip Requirements


Synergy Requirements

Perks (Max Level)

Rank 1:
The supported character starts the match with 10.00% additional max health. 12.00% of damage dealt by the supported character is converted to permanent damage.

Rank 3:
For each affiliation shared between the allied and enemy teams, the supported character deals 6.40% more match and ability damage.

Rank 5:
At the start of the battle, creates a fortified 1-turn Repeater that creates a Zombie Attack Tile with between 149.82 and 2693.78 strength based on the supported character’s Rarity with a 90.00% of being friendly.

Up to 2 times per battle & once per turn, if there are 5 or more SAP tiles on the board, the Thor Corps arrives to shuffle the board and then convert 6 SAP tiles to charged tiles.