Eros’s Arrow (Lovestruck)

Release Date

February 15, 2024

Equip Requirements

Any Character

Synergy Requirements


Perks (Max Level)

Rank 1:
At the end of the turn, if one does not exist, create a 5-turn Lovestruck tile targeting a random enemy and the ally in front. The Lovestruck enemy deals 80.00% reduced damage while this tile exists.

Rank 3:
Whenever the Lovestruck enemy performs a match-4 or greater, gain 3 AP in the Lovestruck allies strongest color (max 6 AP). Whenever the Lovestruck ally makes a match-4 or greater, deal 3.92% of max health in damage to the Lovestruck enemy and the enemy team loses 3 AP in that enemy’s strongest color (max 6 AP).

Rank 5:
Whenever the Lovestruck enemy fires a Power, the Lovestruck ally gains a burst of 11.20% of max health. Whenever the Lovestruck ally fires a Power, Stun the Lovestruck enemy for 1 turn. This stun can only occur once per Lovestruck tile.

The Lovestruck tile is Fortified and targets the current enemy target instead of a random enemy. Deal 6.10% max health of damage to the enemy target of the Lovestruck tile after it is created.