Gamma Rays (Unstable Radiation)

Release Date

May 11, 2023

Equip Requirements

Gamma Mutates

Synergy Requirements

Perks (Max Level)

Rank 1:
When the supported character makes a Green match, there is a 85% chance to destroy 2 other basic tiles at random (destroyed tiles deal damage but do not generate AP).

Rank 3:
When the supporting character matches or destroys an enemy special tile, there is a 100% chance to destroy up to 2 more tile(s) of the same type (destroyed tiles deal damage but do not generate AP).

Rank 5:
While the supported character is in the fight, every new tile dropped from the top of the board during your turn has a 85% higher chance of being a Green tile.

When the supported character matches or destroys 10 or more tiles in a turn, Enrage and burst heal them for 3.00% of their max health per destroyed tile. The next time an Enraged character deals damage, they deal 50.00% more and are no longer enraged.