Omnipotence City (Hall of Gods)

Release Date

August 3, 2023

Equip Requirements


Synergy Requirements


Perks (Max Level)

Rank 1:
The first time you reach 8 AP in a color, trigger an effect with strength based on the supported character’s Rarity (max once per effect):

RED or GREEN: Create 3 strength 64-1154 Strike Tile(s).
YELLOW or BLUE: Create 3 strength 64-1154 Protect Tile(s).
PURPLE or BLACK: Create 4 Trap Tile(s) that deal 250.00% of your average match damage.

Rank 3:
Gain a bonus when using an ability (max once per effect):

RED or GREEN: Ability deals an additional 75.0% damage as an extra hit.
YELLOW or BLUE: Create a 3-turn Fortified Countdown tile that reduces enemy damage by 25.00% while on the board.
PURPLE or BLACK: Convert 2 random enemy Strike, Attack, or Protect tiles to friendly tiles.

Rank 5:
Whenever your team uses an ability of a given color for the first time, convert 1 random basic tile to a Charged tile and deal 2.50% damage, repeating for every time this effect has previously triggered.

Your first match of the battle grants double AP (Max 8).

(PASSIVE) For each Deity on your team, the supported character’s maximum health is increased by 10%, and their ability damage is increased by 20.0%.