Skrulluminati Support (Hidden Leaders)

Release Date

July 6, 2023

Equip Requirements

Any Character

Synergy Requirements


Perks (Max Level)

Rank 1:
On battle start, a random enemy character is marked. Whenever the marked character makes a match or uses an ability, create a random friendly Skrulluminati Trap tile that deals 400% of their average match damage to the target when matched by either team.

Rank 3:
When an ally matches a Skrulluminati Trap tile, that match generates +1 AP (3 max), and the match and Trap deal team damage instead.

Rank 5:
Whenever the marked character creates one or more Strike, Attack or Protect tiles, there is a 100% chance to create a similar friendly tile with strength equal to the total strength of the created tiles (max 8 times).

Once per battle, at the start of the allied turn or when an ally marks a Skrulluminati Trap tile, if 8 or more have been matched, destroy all remaining Skrulluminati Trap tiles and stun the marked enemy’s teammates for 1 turn (destroyed tiles do not deal damage or generate AP).