Thanos-Copter (Villainous Vehicle)

Release Date

April 11, 2024

Equip Requirements


Synergy Requirements


Perks (Max Level)

Rank 1:
Create the Cosmic Cube tile at the Start of the turn if it doesn’t exist. When either team matches or destroys the tile, they gain ownership of it. If the supported character’s team owns the tile, the team gains 36.00% increased Ability damage and it Converts 2 tiles in the supported characters’ weakest colors into their strongest colors each turn.

Rank 3:
Once per turn, if the Cosmic Cube tile is matched or destroyed, send the one who matched it Airborne for 1-turn. When they land, deal 15.00% damage of max health if they were an enemy, or a burst of 15.00% of max health if they were on the supported characters team.

Rank 5:
When the supported character makes a match, rotate the 3×3 block of tiles around the match. Additional matches caused by this deal 61.20% bonus damage.

At the Start of the Battle the supported character goes Airborne for 1 turn. When they land, destroy 3 random tiles in a 3×3 block centered on the Cosmic Cube (destroyed tiles do not generate AP) and deal 9.48% damage to the enemy team.