The Dead Pool (Poor Odds)

Release Date

November 23, 2023

Equip Requirements

Any Character

Synergy Requirements


Perks (Max Level)

Rank 1:
At the start of the turn, if one doesn’t exist, create a 3-turn Dead Pool Countdown tile targeting the character with the lowest health. The tile’s target takes 40% increased damage if an enemy, and 60% reduced damage if an ally.

Rank 3:
When the Dead Pool Countdown tile expires, it deals 11.75% damage to its target if it’s an enemy, or gives a burst of 11.75% health if it’s an ally.

Rank 5:
When the Dead Pool Countdown tile expires, if its target has the lowest health, gain 3 random AP in the Supported Character’s strongest colors.

Gain the following bonuses to the other Perks:

Perk 1: Increase the Dead Pool tile’s damage bonus to enemies by another 35%.
Perk 2: Increase the damage by 40%, or the burst heal by 40%.
Perk 3: If the target of the Dead Pool tile is Downed on its last turn, remove it and gain 10 random AP in the supported character’s strongest colors (limit once per battle).