2017 is finally here and we are very excited to announce that D3 Go! is sponsoring two Magic: The Gathering professional teams that include a super talented bunch of players that Pro Tour fans should be very familiar with…and if you aren’t, please give them a follow on their Twitter handles below to learn more about them.  These two teams are named Team Puzzle Quest and Team D3 Go!

I met up with D3 Go! Senior Producer, Josh Austin to catch his excitement about the sponsorship, “We (D3 Go!) have participated in a couple of Grand Prix and PAX events since we soft launched Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest in 2015 and I have seen firsthand the excitement of tournament play for both the competitors and fans of the card game.”  “These competitions are exhilarating to watch and we wish both Team Puzzle Quest and Team D3 Go! a very successful season and I know that I will be looking forward to them representing us at these events.”

Team D3 Go! copy

Team Puzzle Quest member Jon Finkel modeling the Pro Tour shirt his team will be wearing.

To share some background about these two teams, William Jensen from Team Puzzle Quest has provided an introduction for us:

Hi everyone, Huey here, I am proud to tell you about the two teams that Pantheon, in collaboration with mobile game publisher D3 Go!, is bringing you for the upcoming Pro Tour Team Series.  The first is my team, Team Puzzle Quest.  We are honored to be captained by the one and only Reid Duke.  Joining Reid and I will be the best Magic player in the world: Owen Turtenwald, the best Magic player of all time: Jon Finkel, the best deck builder of all time: Andrew Cuneo, and Hall of Famer/Pro Tour Champion Paul Rietzl.

Team D3 Go! will be captained by Hall of Famer Ben Rubin.  He will be joined by two time Magic world champion Shahar Shenhar, Pro Tour Champion Brock Parker, Magic Hall of Famer and Pro Tour Champion Jelger Wiegersma, Pro Tour Champion Tom Martell, and Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Matt Costa.  We are all delighted to be representing D3 Go! and their hit game Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest in the Pro Tour Team Series.  Pantheon has consistently been one of the best teams in Magic over the past several years, and we’re all looking forward to the opportunity to continue to display the same level of excellence in the Pro Tour Team Series as representatives of D3 Go! and Puzzle Quest.

– William (Huey) Jensen

You can catch all the Pro Tour action starting on February 3 in Dublin, Ireland and the coverage will be streaming on Twitch.  We look forward to catching up more with Team Puzzle Quest and Team D3 Go! throughout the year and providing updates from the Tour.  Magic: the Gathering – Puzzle Quest launches the next update featuring the Aether Revolt card set right before the Pro Tour begins on February 2 and hopefully we can share some awesome mobile game tips soon from these tour pros as all of you compete in the game.

To download Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest for FREE on the App Store and Google Play, please visit HERE.  Thank you!

Team Puzzle Quest (In Black Uniform)

Andrew Cuneo – https://twitter.com/AndrewCuneo

Jon Finkel – https://twitter.com/Jonnymagic00

Owen Turtenwald – https://twitter.com/OwenTweetenwald

Paul Rietzl- https://twitter.com/paulrietzl

Reid Duke – https://twitter.com/ReidDuke

William Jensen – https://twitter.com/HueyJensen

Team D3 Go! (In Maroon Uniform)

Brock Parker – https://twitter.com/brock_parker

Jelger Wiegersma – https://twitter.com/WJelger

Matt Costa – https://twitter.com/mattccosta

Tom Martell – https://twitter.com/tommartell

Shahar Shenhar – https://twitter.com/shaharshenhar

Ben Rubin – https://twitter.com/BenRubin_Magic