Greetings –

As many of our long-term fans and followers may already know, our product portfolio has looked a bit different than it has in years past.  We have released many fun, ground-breaking, and even memorable video games to our customers and we are extremely appreciative of our partners, developers, teams, family, and friends that helped us achieve this.

But as we all know, the gaming space has changed and we are adapting to those changes.  Our current path allows us to not focus on how many games that we release each year but to gather as a team and focus on our games as gamers (which I can attest is WAY more fun) and prioritize what makes games an enjoyable part of our players’ lives.

Today, we are happy to announce a new brand of D3Publisher of America and that is D3 Go!.  D3 Go! represents us looking forward to the future of our company and that vision is to produce the highest quality of digital games with mobile gaming being a primary focus.  The D3 Go! name symbolizes our upward and onward plans to provide the best games and services for the platform, to our audience, and the properties we represent with no restrictions.

We’ve already started this new path with the launches of Marvel Puzzle Quest and Adventure Time Card Wars. We have other projects in the works for 2015 and 2016 launches and we are very excited to reveal those details.

Welcome to the new D3 and enjoy our brand new website featuring our re-designed D3 Go! logo.  If you were familiar with our previous site, we hope you notice the changes that make our site a more welcoming place for the community to get the latest information on our games.  Players can follow our social channels, get the latest news updates via our news page or newsletter, read and comment on our blog, participate in our forums, check out our events and so much more. We invite you to be a part of the D3 Go! community as we strive to provide the best live support that you and our customers expect.

We are ready to GO!

Thank you,

Peter Andrew (Vice President of Publishing)

PS – Please note that D3Publisher Inc., based in Japan will remain the same and as always, will continue to run as a separate business entity.  But don’t worry; even though we are unable to bring all the releases from D3Publisher Inc. to the masses, we plan to still pursue the localization of as many of these releases as possible.

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