Update (April 6): The team provided even further updates for Duck Season up on our FAQs today – HERE.

Quack Quack! You may have heard the news that Howard the Duck is coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest.  And it’s no joke either – here is the proof from our friends at Entertainment Weekly and Marvel.com!

Instead of circling the duck pond and re-share what has already been said, we will just lay out the most important details here.

April 6th – You can get your first sneak peek of Howard the Duck and his fluffy feathers in-game in prep of the start of Duck Season

April 7th – Duck Season opens with the start of “The Hunt” event.

April 11th – A brand new episode titled, “Webbed Wonder” begins.  If you complete this episode from start to finish, Howard the Duck is yours!  You just have to save Aunt May!

April 14th – A brand new PVP tournament appropriately named Fowl Play will begin and this is your last chance to earn Howard the Duck as Duck Season will end on April 17th.

Remember: This is a special limited release of Howard the Duck so he will not be available again until the duck call comes again for a future event.

Well you have it folks! Just a couple of more days till we join our friend Howard in an awesome adventure in Marvel Puzzle Quest.  Super excited to see who everyone teams Howard up with on their roster.  Till next time!  Quack Quack!