Hello, folks! We know those of you in the US are out doing your civic duty and voting – but when you settle in to watch the returns and play Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest – here’s what’s on-tap in the brand new update:

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest 1.7.2 Release Notes

• Rewards Screens improved for clarity.
• Multiple infrastructure improvements to reduce latency when Events start or end.
• Multiple bug fixes (including cards).

Bug Fixes


• Events screen no longer fails to load when tapping Back arrow from multiple locations.
• Event rewards no longer display when tapping the space above Join Event button.
• Tutorial: Dragging the defender now works properly.
• Tutorial: Text no longer appears behind Facebook Sign In prompt after Tutorial completion
• Enraged Event mechanic no longer functions erroneously when beginning a Blue Node encounter.
• The card inventory no longer fails to adhere to previously selected sorting filter when opening Deck Editor on Planeswalker screen.
• “Something went wrong…” no longer displays when the app is Fetching Player Event.

System & Connectivity

• Infrastructure improvements to curtail latency issues related to events.
• Loading description text no longer fails to display when viewing loading animation.


• HP gained from lifelink now works as intended during Enrage mode.
• Fixed damage and healing functionality when Orbs of Warding is in play.
• Fixed a freeze that occurred when a card with Lifelink and Defender was destroyed.
• Werewolf no longer erroneously Transforms when casting tokens while a Werewolf is on the battlefield.


• The text “Win without using creatures with Flying” no longer erroneously displays when viewing title of Emrakul’s Evangel event.
• Placeholder text no longer displays when viewing regeneration timer after depleting the node.
• Fixed multiple issues displaying when viewing Woodland Stream card description.
• Placeholder text no longer displays when entering Coalition chat for the first time on a new account.

*Numerous additional bug fixes also included and not listed in notes.