Hi Everyone –

The next update for Magic: Puzzle Quest will be available later today to download. Please see complete release notes below. Good news is that this download will not require server maintenance beforehand. Enjoy the update!

MTGPQ 1.8.0:
What’s New:
– Planeswalkers Vault – Preview upcoming Planeswalkers before they are available!
– Inbox & Rewards in Activity Hub: View Direct Messages and Rewards earned in the Activity Hub.

System Improvements:
– Seamless Deployment: after the release of 1.8.0, each new update will not require the game to be shut down.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed certain connectivity issues.
– Fixed placeholder text that displays when viewing the Rewards prompt.
– Fixed missing strings for the Eldritch Moon offers
– Fixed The Altar’s Reap art displays when viewing the nodes for multiple Avacyn’s Madness event variants.