Hey Everyone,

Here are the final release notes for the 1.9.2 patch today!

Social Cards

Gather your allies and grow stronger! For the first time, you can win exclusive cards by inviting your friends to play Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest. Click “Invite” on the main menu to get started.

When a friend starts a new account, they can enter your unique referral code. When they do, both you and your friend will receive an exclusive Rare card once your friend completes the tutorial. Invite your friends to win Cowl Prowler, Ghirapur Orrery, or Wayward Giant.

Bug Fixes

Cards, Planeswalkers & Gameplay

  • Multiple issues occur when casting a spell to Return a Reinforced Melded/Transformed creature that died to the hand.
  • Multiple issues occur when casting Liliana, Defiant Necromancer’s Raise Dead ability after a Reinforced Melded/Transformed creature you controlled died.
  • A creature with Hexproof fails to be targetable by the Replace Creature prompt when casting a creature while 3 creatures are on the casters side.
  • Casting 2 Season’s Past after a reinforced transformed creatures is killed causes a board freeze
  • Each creature Construct receives +5/+5 when using Saheeli Rai’s Level 4 Construct Artistry ability.
  • Creatures fail to reinforce when summoning two or more identical creatures after the original creature was mind controlled.
  • Multiple cards fail to trigger a second time when a creature with Double Strike attacks.
  • Progress is added to the Burst objective when Returning a creature to the battlefield.
  • Multiple issues occur when a creature attacks while Captain’s Claws is on the battlefield.
  • The Psychic Rebuttal support fails to deal 1 damage when the player deals damage with multiple cards.
  • An infinite buff/debuff loop occurs when a Werewolf is Returned to the owner after a temporary mind control while they have Vilidin-Pack Alpha on the battlefield.
  • Transformed cards fail to include the buff when a card buffed by Olivia, Mobilized for War reinforces a transformed card after transforming.
  • The Transformed creature fails to block when the opponent attacks while the Transformed Side has Defender.
  • The opponent treats the creature like it has Hexproof when the user has Stonewing Antagonizer on the battlefield.
  • Zada, Hedron Grinder fails to gain +6/+6 when casting a spell on Zada, Hedron Grinder.
  • Multiple issues occur when using Exert Influence on a creature that creates Special Gems after summoning sickness wears off.
  • The Area of Effects triggers have no effect when a creature has the Hexproof evergreen during an Encounter.

UI, UX, Localization & Graphics

  • The friend’s Username fails to display when viewing the A Special Gift widget immediately after a friend enters the Referral Code but before entering a nickname.
  • The Information button fails to display when viewing the Demon of Dark Schemes Special Offer.
  • The user is directed to a D3 Go! Login website when tapping the Information button on the Demon of Dark Schemes Special Offer.
  • The X button overlaps the title text when viewing the Transaction Canceled prompt.
  • The icons display blurry when viewing the Facebook social icons.
  • The artwork displays stretched horizontally when viewing the artwork on the Card sets.
  • Store link generated when inviting someone through Email/SMS is based from the User’s device
  • Player is blocked when attempting to claim a booster during the tutorial.
  • Missing image on Claim your Booster prompt during the tutorial
  • The Mythic Card Pack widget erroneously displays when viewing the widget list after the user has purchased all 3 Mythics from the set.
  • Multiple issues occur when tapping the Play button immediately after healing with a Potion.
  • Multiple issues occur when tapping the Fight button immediately after healing with a Potion.
  • A Something went wrong… Error message displays when joining a PvP Event.
  • Multiple graphics fail to display when navigating to the Profile from the Invite screen.
  • Placeholder text displays when viewing the loading message after pressing the Validate Button.
  • Placeholder text displays when viewing the Validate button.
  • The color bar fails to display when viewing Decoction Module on the Chandra Deck Starter Special Offer.
  • The colored bar displays dark gray instead of light blue when viewing Ghirapur Orrery.
  • The art fails to match the Exclusive Referral Card art when viewing the Referral Screen.
  • An orange rectangle displays over the Cowl Prowler when viewing the A Special Gift widget.
  • The old layout erroneously displays when viewing the Filters tab.
  • The Close button is obscured by the Currency UI when viewing the screen after tapping the Invite Friends Now! button.
  • Set & Type Icons are too large
  • The text displays in Russian when viewing the “Claim” button text for the Thank you for playing! widget.
  • Placeholder text displays when viewing the Extra Reward image for the January Daily Reward.
  • The user cannot easily scroll through the carousel in the Activity Hub
  • “Liliana, Defiant Necromancer”‘s Grave Mist has a “&nbsp” text in the description
  • The Update Prompt does not have the KLD reskin
  • The user is erroneously auto-placed into a random Coalition when logging into a fresh account.
  • The rewards prompts fail to display when viewing an expired Quick Battle Event.
  • The 1.9.0 Update is Here! widget erroneously displays when viewing the widgets.
  • The Mythic Card Packs for Sale Now! widget erroneously displays when viewing the widgets.
  • The “Convert duplicates” and “Got it, thanks!” buttons have not been reskinned
  • The empty state in the Quick Improvement has not been reskinned
  • The Quick Battle rules has not been reskinned
  • The Vault I screen has not been reskinned
  • The Filter section was not re-skinned
  • The I screen in Events was not updated to the new background
  • The app fails to return to the Login screen when quitting the Tutorial encounter.
  • The number displays off the card pack when viewing big box card packs.
  • The hitbox is difficult to tap when tapping the purchase button on Special Offers.
  • The carousels fail to transition when making short swipes.
  • The QuickBattle Leaderboard does not have the KLD reskin
  • The button displays “Text” when viewing the Happy Holidays widget.
  • The text states “Learn the basics” when viewing the lore of Encounter 2.
  • The text states “Learn the basics” when viewing the lore of Encounter 1.
  • The “is Over” text is difficult to read when viewing the timer text on a claimable Event Widget.
  • The Vault button activates when tapping the right side of the Inbox button on the Inbox banner.
  • Artwork fails to display when viewing the Claim Reward prompt for a GF1 gift.
  • The booster pack gem icon overlaps the Creature icon when viewing the Mythic Card Set Booster Pack.
  • The Inbox overlaps the notification badge when viewing the Inbox footer.
  • The ability boxes blend in with the background making them difficult to see when viewing the ability level boxes.
  • The Gacha Screen, in the Vault, can be seen scrolling behind the Soft and Hard Currency Bar above
  • The currency bar displays see through when the viewing the currency bar.
  • Multiple issues occur when viewing the Planeswalker Showcase Event screen.
  • Placeholder artwork displays when viewing multiple supports created by multiple Planeswalkers.
  • A Mana Gain animation fails to display when a creature with the Crew mechanic receives mana.
  • The card fails to return to its original state when scrolling through the cards after tapping a Transform icon on a card.
  • The “2x” text displays behind the card graphic when viewing duplicate cards claimed from a Booster Pack.
  • Mastered card pop up animation becomes flashy and choppy when tapped rapidly

System & Connectivity

  • The app menu is not available when returning to the app after quitting just after claiming the free booster, leads to other bugs
  • Social Invite message is not auto-generated when sending an Email invite on Android