New Planeswalker

Fblthp, the Lost
“Fblthp’s uncanny ability to find himself lost in the strangest and most absurd places now extends to the planes. His spark ignited during the conflict with Nicol Bolas and threw him in a unpredictable journey through the worlds of Magic. With little control of his newfound abilities, whenever he planeswalks, he has no idea where he is going to end up. He shows up in Ravnica and sells the things he found on his journey to ensure his descendants can afford to petition Ravnica’s Senate once the time comes.”
Max Level Stats

New Event

Planechasing Fblthp (PvE)
Fblthp, the Lost homunculus, has been spotted! Now you must hurry and try to catch him, and help him to control his rampant spark. If you succeed, Fblthp will be happy to share the rarest of his findings with you (for a price). Planechasing Fblthp is a fun and casual event where players play against Fblthp, The Lost.
Each instance of the event only has 2 nodes and lasts 18 hours, but each time it’s run, there will be 2 different nodes for players to try. Each time this event appears, the special node rules are different. Try each one to find out where Fblthp managed to get lost this time. You will have 4 charges on each node to help him.
During the event, players will also have access to exclusive content in the special store section, “Fblthp’s Findings”: a new Planeswalker, full art cards, and alternate-art cards. By completing all of a node’s secondary objectives, you will unlock the special findings associated with that node.
Have a good planechase!

New Card Artwork

Speaking of new card artwork, starting in 3.6, we’ll be introducing not only cards that feature the full artwork, but also Japanese alternate-art cards as well. Here are some of the cards unlocked via the Planechasing Fblthp event, and you can take a look at them below:
(Please Note: These cards are considered individual separate cards, so when you’re creating a deck, you will need to choose between the standard artwork card or its full/alternate art card.)

Loop Control System

A while back, we implemented the Loop Prevention System in an effort to prevent infinite loops from occurring. With the 3.6 update, we’re making a few adjustments to it based on player feedback.  You can check out the full blog post detailing the new Loop Control System HERE

General Changes

  • VIP Tier will now only increase by renewing either an existing Pro or Master Membership Plan.
  • Trial of the Planes: The booster pack reward for all versions of this event has been changed from RNA packs to WAR packs.
  • Vanguard Card Hint has been changed to include the following highlighted text: “This card is Legendary. While it’s on the board, it can’t be affected…”

Card Balance Changes

  • Ajani’s Pridemate
    • Description: Added “Partner: Gain 2 life.”
  • Commence the Endgame 
    • Mana Cost: 16 -> 14
  • Diamond Mare
    • P/T: 2/4 -> 4/5
  • Dreadhorde Arcanist
    • Mana Cost: 17 -> 12
  • Enter the God-Eternals
    • Mana Cost: 16 -> 15
  • Feather, the Redeemed
    • Mana Cost: 14 -> 10
  • Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion
    • Mana Cost: 16 -> 14
  • Parhelion II 
    • Mana Cost: 26 -> 22
  • Planewide Celebration
    • Mana Cost: 18 -> 15
  • Roalesk, Apex Hybrid
    • Mana Cost: 22 -> 15
  • Sphinx of New Pravh
    • Description: “…increase the cost of the first card in your opponent’s hand by 2” -> “…increase the cost of the first card in your opponent’s hand by 3
    • Mana Cost: 14 -> 11
  • Storrev, Devkarin Lich
    • Mana Cost: 14 -> 13
  • Teferi’s Time Twist (Technically a fix, but big enough impact to warrant listing it within Changes section)
    • Description: “…return it to the battlefield under your control. That creature gets +1/+1” -> “…return it to the battlefield under your control. Then, this creature gets +1/+1.”

Bug Fixes

  • Tamiyo, Field Researcher‘s Seek the Truth ability no longer activates when the player selects the Not Now button on the targeting prompt.
  • Dreadhorde Arcanist now correctly gives Mana equal to its Power, as opposed to the difference between its Power and the Spell’s Mana Cost.
  • Vivien’s Invocation now correctly casts and deals damage to the opponent’s first creature.
  • The “Your membership plan ends soon. Access now to manage your plan.” push notification no longer displays after force-closing the game, if the player is on a new account and does not have an active VIP Membership Plan.