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  • Boast is the Magic:PQ version of the Boast ability, which allows players to pay an additional mana cost when a creature with Boast attacks, to trigger a second effect.
  • In Magic:PQ, when a creature with Boast attacks, that creature’s owner may drain mana from their hand at the next turn to activate the Boast ability.


  • Foretell is an evergreen that allows players to exile a card from their hand, to later cast it from the exile for an alternate cost.
  • In Magic:PQ, when a card with Foretell is exiled, a Foretold token support related to the exiled card is created on the board.
  • When this support is destroyed, the exiled card will return to its owner’s hand with full mana, with a new icon ability named Foretold, which grants to some cards to trigger additional effects.


Foretell               Foretold


  • In Magic:PQChangeling is an icon ability that gives a creature every creature subtype.


  • Snow is a gem-based mechanic that works by creating synergy between cards with the Snow ability and the special Snow Gems.
  • Snow Gem is a special gem that can give some extra mana to cards with the Snow evergreen. Also, some cards gain additional effects if cast with “snow mana”.


  • Herald is an adaptation for double-sided cards with God creatures at one of these sides.
  • When a card with Herald enters play, their first cast will always display the non-god side. That card can’t be reinforced, and when cast a second time, if the player still controls the non-God side, the new version will enter the battlefield as the God.


Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor

“Tibalt should have been executed or jailed for life. Instead, he invoked a potent and hateful spell, from the devil’s utterances and his own grim discoveries. The spell fused his own essence with theirs, at the cost of experiencing all the pain he had inflicted on others.”


Red Devil

(Red) Creature (1/1) Token

“When this creature dies, the opponent’s first creature takes damage equal to this creature’s Power.”

Demon Berserker

(Red) Creature – Demon Berserker (2/3) Token

“As long as there is an opposing creature that was dealt damage: This creature gains Berserker.”

Impostor’s Trickery

(Black, Red) Support Card – Emblem (4) Token

“While on the board: Your token creatures and your copy creatures gain Haste.

When an opposing nontoken creature or Artifact support is exiled from anywhere: Create a copy of that card into play under your control. That card gains Enchanted – At the end of your turn: Destroy this card.”

Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor

(Black, Red) Support Card – Vanguard Tibalt (5) Legendary, Herald, Vanguard

“Passive Ability: Herald 8: Valki, God of Lies. When you cast this card: You may exile it. Then, create a copy of this card under your opponent’s control.

Passive Ability: When you activate a Loyalty ability: Exile the first card without mana from your hand.

Passive Ability: When your first creature attacks: It gets +4/+0 until end of turn. Then, deal X damage to your Planeswalker. X is that creature’s power.”

Tyvar Kell

“Tyvar is King Harald’s younger brother, and he’s lived most of his life in his brother’s shadow. However, while a famous brother might inspire jealousy or resentment in some, Harald’s example inspires Tyvar to seek glory and fuels an irrational confidence that he can accomplish almost anything he puts his mind to.”


Whispers of the Einir

(Black, Green) Support Card – Emblem (3) Token

“When an Elf card enters into play under your control: Convert a gem to Green.

When an Elf creature you control dies: Convert a gem to Black.

Each of these effects can trigger up to 4 time(s) per turn.”

Elf Warrior

(Green) Creature – Elf Warrior (1/1) Token

Kaya the Inexorable

“Kaya is a firm believer that life is for the living. The living should make the most of their lives and pursue what they want while they’ve still got time, and find their own peace before death. If you die with unfinished business, well, that’s probably your fault. And if it’s not…perhaps she could help you…for a price.”


Omens of the End

(White, Black) Support Card – Emblem (4) Token

“When you cast your second card each turn: The first card in your hand that gain mana gains full mana. Then, if you control a Legendary card, repeat this effect.”

White and Black Spirit

(White, Black) Creature – Spirit (1/1) Token, Flying

Niko Aris

“Early in Niko’s life, an oracle foresaw a great future for Niko: they were destined to be a great athlete, an undefeated javelineer who would never miss a shot. Niko trained and competed for many years, but in all that time, they heard stories and songs of heroes who would fight to protect people and began to question the destiny prescribed to them.”


Shards of Reality

(White, Blue) Support Card – Emblem Shard (3) Token

“When a support is destroyed from play: Draw a card. It gains X mana. X is the number of this support’s reinforcements.”

Serra the Benevolent

“A human Planeswalker from the distant past, Serra was a powerful and benevolent healer. She created an artificial plane known as Serra’s Realm, where she and her followers lived in peace defended by flights of angels. Though Serra and her realm are long gone, her legacy and teachings have lived on as a beacon of hope throughout the Multiverse.”


Vigilant Angel

(White) Creature – Angel Warrior (4/4) Token, Flying, Vigilance

Angelic Renewal

(White) Support Card – Emblem (4) Token

“When a nontoken creature you control dies: You may exile it.

When a creature card is exiled from your graveyard: Create a Vigilant Angel token.

When you Foretell a card from your hand: Create a Vigilant Angel token.”

Radiant, Serra Archangel

(White) Creature – Angel (6/4) Token, Legendary, Flying, Leader

Leader: Angel

“When an Angel creature you control attacks: This creature gets +2/+2 and gains Protection from your opponent’s Planeswalker colors until the beginning of your next turn.”


  • Doomskar Claimants
    • PvP, Coalition
    • Rank Rewards, Progression Rewards, and Coalition Rewards
    • No Entrance Fee
    • Standard
    • All Planeswalkers’ colors are allowed.
    • 3 Nodes
    • All nodes are unlocked from the beginning.
    • Recharge Time: 8h
      • Initial Charges (per node): 1 | Max Charges (per node): 4
    • Duration: 46h
  • Skoti Bloodline
    • PvP
    • Rank Rewards and Progression Rewards
    • Entrance Fee: 20 Mana Crystals
    • Standard
    • Only monocolored Planeswalkers, of any color, are allowed.
    • 3 Nodes
    • All nodes are unlocked from the beginning.
    • Recharge Time: 6h
      • Initial Charges (per node): 1 | Max Charges (per node): 4
    • Duration: 46h


Card Changes

  • The Peer into the Abyss card’s effect was changed to a new version that doesn’t create restrictions between the first effect and the later ones. Therefore, the “then” was removed. From:

    “Target player draws 6 cards. Then, that player gains 30 Loyalty and loses half their life, rounded up.”


    “Target player that can draw cards draws 6 cards. That player gains 30 Loyalty and loses half their life, rounded up.”

  • The following tokens gained specific subtypes due to the needs of the KHM set.
    • Vigilant Angel
      • Vigilant Angel token now gained the Warrior subtype in addition to their own.
    • Human Soldier
      • Human Soldier token now gained the Warrior subtype in addition to their own.
    • Gold
      • The Gold token shield is now 1;
      • The Gold token now gained Can’t be Reinforced;
      • The Gold token now gained the Treasure subtype in addition to their own.
    • Dwarf
      • The Dwarf token now gained the Berserker subtype in addition to its subtypes;
      • The Dwarf token now is 2/1 instead of 1/1.,
  • Dwarven Bloodboiler’s Dwarf ability number changed to give +3/+0 instead of +2/+0. The creature also gained Haste so now it has both Haste and Bravery.
  • Dwarven Mine is now spawning 2 Dwarf tokens instead of 3 with its ability.
  • The Kaervek, the Spiteful card description, and behavior changed due to unintended interactions and loops. From:

    “While on the battlefield: Other creatures get -2/-2. When another creature is reinforced: That creature gets -3/-3. 

    Morbid — At the end of your turn: Gain 3 Loyalty.”


    “At the beginning of each player’s turn: Other creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn. When another creature is reinforced: That creature gets -3/-3. This effect can trigger up to 3 time(s) per turn. 

    Morbid — At the end of your turn: Gain 3 Loyalty.”


  • The text for the Adamant and Identity objectives was reverted to correspond to the current behavior, which is the correct one.
    • Adamant

“Match {0} or more {Color} gems with swaps during a single fight.”


“Match {0} or more {Color} gems during a single fight.”

  • Identity

“Match {0} or more gems of your Planeswalker colors with swaps during a single fight.”


“Match {0} or more gems of your Planeswalker colors during a single fight.”

  • Changed the description of the Assault objective to correspond to the current behavior. Assault will continue to count Double Strike twice towards the objective. From:
“Attack {0} or more times during a single turn.”
Deal combat damage {0} or more times during a single fight.”
  • Within the Kicker tutorial, a card from the player’s deck was changed. The Stormchaser Mage (OGW) card entered the deck replacing the Expedition Diviner (ZNR) card.


  • Fixed some minor text issues.
  • Fixed an issue where tokens would lock the game when reinforced on multiple different occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where Celestial Ancient was being triggered with the opponent’s Enchantments.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zaxara, the Exemplary tokens would not get the buff when created.
  • Fixed the issue regarding the card cost not being reduced by Mana Wheel effect in the Colors of Magic event.
  • Fixed an issue in the interaction between Liliana, Death’s Majesty’s Anoint ability and Kaya, Orzhov Usurper’s Burial Rites ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt box would have the wrong title in Crush of Tentacles.
  • Fixed an issue with the infinity loading happening sometimes when claiming the Daily Reward.
  • Fixed an issue where a creature that gained the Elemental subtype from Crawling Barrens, would not lose the subtype when destroyed or exiled.
  • Fixed an issue where the opponent’s Bronzehide Lion would give the Enchanted evergreen to the player’s creature.