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New Mechanics


At the beginning of the combat on your turn: If you control a creature with greater power than this creature’s, this creature gets +1/+1.

Training is an ability that buffs creatures when they attack alongside a creature with greater power. In Magic:PQ, as combat is not optional, once a card with Training and a stronger card are both on the player’s field, this ability is triggered and the Training card gets the buff.

Training Evergreen


Blood Token

Blood Token (C)

Support – Artifact

Token, Mana Field

Mana field: This support loses 1 shield. Then: If you have 4 or more cards in your hand – discard a card and draw a card.

When you destroy this support: Your Vampire creatures get +1/+0 until end of turn.

Blood Token, although a new mechanic for the tabletop Magic: The Gathering, in Magic: PQ it’s being adapted as a token support. Once a Blood token is created, it binds itself to a gem on the board, enabling different interactions and effects depending on specific card texts — such as Sorin’s Planeswalker Abilities — but still keeping an adaptation of Blood token’s original effect as an independent ability attached to the token and its Mana Field interaction itself.

Since this is a token card, there will be no specific ability created for this card/mechanic.


This card can accumulate extra mana up to its Cleave value. When you cast this card by fully filling its Cleave cost, this ability becomes active.

Cards with Cleave can’t have its mana drained or raised.

Cleave allows the player to pay more mana when they cast a spell and significantly change that card’s effect — generally removing a drawback that the effect could present. In Magic:PQ, Cleave happens by storing mana (essentially keeping the card in hand for one more swap) and then, like its paper counterpart, when it’s cast the effect is changed.



 Cleave Evergreen



When this creature enters the battlefield, if you replace another creature with this one, perform the associated Exploit effect.

In tabletop Magic: The Gathering, Exploit is a mechanic that allows players to sacrifice a creature when a creature with Exploit comes into play. Magic:PQ has a limit of how many creatures you can have on your battlefield, and adaptations had to be done. In order to both take advantage of this and keep the feeling of sacrificing a creature, Exploit is triggered when you remove a creature on the battlefield and place the creature with Exploit in its place.




Exploit Evergreen



When this card is moved to anywhere other than the battlefield, exile it. At the end of this turn, if it’s not exiled, exile it.

The Outcast evergreen is Magic:PQ’s way to adapt a situation known as Impulse Drawn. It’s given to cards in the player’s hand, and if the player does not cast that card in the same turn it’s drawn, the card is then exiled at the end of the turn.



Outcast Evergreen


New Planeswalker:

Sorin, the Mirthless

One of Sorin’s greatest actions to protect his home plane was the creation of Avacyn – an angel that would protect humans from the dangers of the night, maintaining the plane’s overall balance and food chain. When Avacyn was corrupted and he was forced to destroy her, Sorin became mirthless, forever grieving her despair


(Colorless) Support Card (1) Token, Mana Field
Mana Field: This support loses 1 shield. Then: If you have 4 or more cards in your hand — Discard a card. Draw a card.
When you destroy this support: Your Vampire creatures get +1/+0 until end of turn.
Sorin’s Vampire
(Black) Creature – Vampire (2/2) Token, Flying, Imminent Death, Haste, Level
When this creature loses a reinforcement: Decrease this card’s Level by 2.
When this creature dies: Create X Blood tokens. X is this card’s Level.”

Kaya, Geist Hunter

Chaos? Check. Death? Check. Spirits? Check. A never ending struggle for survival in a plane far far away? Also, check. Kaya will cross everyone – and everything – off the list that stands in her way of protecting Innistrad’s underdogs.

Body Usurper
(White/Black) Creature – Spirit (1/1) Token, Flying, Exploit
Exploit: This creature’s base power and toughness becomes the base power and toughness of the Exploited creature.
When a Spirit token enters the battlefield under your control: Your opponent loses 1 life. You gain 1 life.

Chandra, Dressed to Kill

The plane of Innistrad has always been famous for its multiple dangers surrounding their inhabitants. However, as difficult as it might be to survive in it, people always had freedom. And they’re about to lose it. In this scenario, Chandra Nalaar steps in, dressed to kill: there’s no fire she won’t light to defend those in need!

Fiery Gown
(Red) Support Card (4) Legendary, Token
When you cast a Red card or a card with Outcast is exiled from your hand: Deal 3 damage to any opposing target.


  • New Event


      • Event Type: PvP, Coalition
      • No Entrance Fee
      • Deck Restrictions: Standard
      • Rewards: Progression, Rank
      • Number of nodes: 2 nodes, each with a different event support spawned for the player;
      • Each node allows a specific variety of Planeswalker colors, being for Body and Soul White, Blue, and Green, while Blood and Ichor allows Red and Black PWs;
      • Initial Charges: 2 | Max Charges: 6
      • Some of the encounters spawn event supports.
      • Recharge Time: 8h
      • Event Duration: 46h
  • New Feature:

    • Bonus Reward for the following events on the Holidays:
      • Nodes of Power
      • Terror in the Shadows
      • Avacyn’s Madness
      • You’ve Found an Entrance


  • Changes:


  • The Harvesttide has had its rewards and charges reworked:
    • Initial Charges (per node): 2 | Max Charges (per node): 6
    • Recharge Time: 8h
    • New rewards:



  • Other Changes

    • Fables of Elaine changed from Standard to Legacy.
    • Awakened Inferno changed from Block Restricted to Legacy.
    • Added Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) and Innistrad: Crimson Vow (VOW) to the set restriction of the Emrakul’s Corruption event.
    • Holiday Showdown:
      • Updated  Rewards
      • Updated Text
      • Updated Banner Artwork
    • Updated Booster rewards in Planechasing Fblthp from STX to MID
    • Updated Booster rewards in Trial of the Planes to the Newest Set
  • Fixes:

    • Fixed the issue with the card Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord where Creatures returned to the battlefield by this creature was not getting the Vampire subtype.
    • Fixed the  issue whit the card Consuming Blob, where the Necrophage Ooze token didn’t stack its buffs when reinforced.
    • Fixed the issue with Embodiment of Flame’s card triggering with Lose Life.
    • Fixed the issue with Siphon Insight card, which did not consider Awaken mana.
    • Fixed the issue with Rem Karolus, Stalwart Slayer card triggering with lose life.
    • Fixed the issue with Flame Channeler card triggering with lose life.
    • Fixed the issue with mechanic Transform, where the reinforcements of the Transformed creature didn’t go to the graveyard.
    • Fixed the issue with Buff not being applied after P/T changes.
    • Fixed the issue with Colossus Hammer card, which did not consider the extra mana stored by Awaken.
    • Fixed the issue where the Creatures with Disturb was entering the battlefield as a reinforcement, not with their side transformed.