Let the celebration begin! Double ISO, NEW Events, NEW Boss Battles, easy access to fan-favorite characters, and so much more! We knew we had to go BIG for our 10 Year celebration, so we’ve drastically increased all rewards across every level of play. Join us as we launch MPQ’s biggest Anniversary Celebration EVER!

10 Year Anniversary Events and Rewards

As we celebrate 10 amazing years of gem smashing with your favorite MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains, let’s take a quick peek at all the awesome features players can expect to see over the next month.


VIP Sale

  • Throughout the month of October, players can score VIP Status for 50% OFF! This gives you 28 days of boosted rewards and additional daily login rewards as well as immediate access to an epic Costume!

 Daily Play Tokens

  • Come back EVERY DAY, all month long, and play a single match with ANY character to earn 1 Anniversary Token to our extremely lucrative Anniversary Vault!

Double ISO-8

  • Players can earn 2X the amount of ISO-8 throughout the anniversary celebration! Whether you are playing NEW limited-time events or going head-to-head in PVP, you will earn double the amount of that sweet, sweet ISO-8!

New Original Super Villain – Quandary

  • A new ominous force has arrived in MPQ! Wielding godlike powers, this entity of quizzical deception seeks out the universe’s greatest minds in an effort to sate their endless thirst to perplex and puzzle all of reality! Learn more in-game with new events and a thrilling Boss Battle.

Daily Quandaries

  • Quandary has arrived in MPQ, providing you with new challenges to face. Come back each day to complete and solve limited-time “Quandaries” that get more difficult as you unlock them to earn epic rewards!

Community Challenge

  • We’re throwing down the gauntlet to the Community to earn the biggest challenge reward yet! By banding together and overcoming the challenge thrust upon them, the community can earn the opportunity to vote and decide on a FREE Costume to be delivered to the entire player base in early 2024. As well as some immediate rewards, of course!

10 Year Anniversary Big Bad

MARVEL Puzzle Quest fosters some of MARVEL’S greatest Super Villains, ranging from Thanos to the nefarious Big Wheel. But now there is a new Big Bad in town! No one can stand in the way of their spreading confounding puzzles across the universe! During the anniversary, players can play limited-time PVE Events to learn more about Quandary with an original MPQ story and band together in an epic Boss Battle to halt their grand design! Do you have what it takes to take on Quandary’s challenge?!

10 Year Anniversary Calendar

There are so many awesome events, character releases, rewards, and so much more that even we’re having difficulty keeping track of everything. Fortunately, we drafted up this robust Anniversary Calendar to assist you so you won’t have to miss a single moment of this amazing celebration!

10 Year Anniversary Infographic

A decade of super powered gem smashing has led to some crazy statistics! We asked our local experts to look back and dig up some interesting feats that the community has achieved over 2023 and in the last 10 years. You won’t believe how many whales you players have launched at each other!

Stay Up to Date

Let’s get this party started! Be sure to follow our official social media accounts to stay updated on all the festivities, because we’re just getting started!


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