Hey everyone,

Here are the final release notes for the R114 update. They should be available for download later today!

MPQ R114!

Never a bad hair day.

What’s Changed:

Removed the confirmation window when changing Power Levels with Championed characters.

Further reduced loading times.

Friendly fortified trap tiles now display the correct description.

Critical titles will no longer make matches immediately when making a match-5 with Black Widow (Original) on the team with the power Espionage.

Elektra’s Shadow Step power no longer prevents the turn from ending in rare situations.

Tokens redeemed from the Vault immediately show up in their store.

Recruiting characters that you have sold before now properly display in the New Character Recruited screen.

Numerous small fixes to the early stages of the game.

You are now able to see the scores of everyone in your alliance for Boss events.

Star Lord’s Everyone With Me power only displays the banner when the Countdown tile elapses.

Team-Ups are no longer saved between battles unless manually selected by the player.

Retaliation pins no longer overwrite a mission you are currently viewing the description for.

Tiles that were recently changed to different type of title now display the correct color in the tile description.

XP Earned notifications no longer play on top of each other when earning XP quickly.

Survival missions now darken when they have been fully completed.

The preview for S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 125 now displays when a player reaches Rank 124.

Ant-Man’s Pym Particle Trap tile and Small Time Crook’s Countdown tile are now removed when one of the tiles is locked and Ant-Man activates Grow.