Hey Everyone,

Here are the final release notes for the R118 patch!

MPQ R118!
Armed with her own improvised Iron Man suit and ready to kick bad guy butt, the hero called Ironheart will be a force to be reckoned with.
Find out more about 4-Star Riri Williams here: https://news.marvel.com/games/58123/pie … -williams/

Starting to feel haunted

What’s Changed:

• Powers levels correctly increase or decrease the AP cost of the power based on Power Level when applicable.

• This fix also addresses the bug pertaining to Passive abilities, such as Quake and Jean Grey (Phoenix)

• Respecing non-championed characters will properly consume the cover in the player’s reward cache and it will no longer consume Command Points.

• Reduce the amount of black loading screens in the game.

• Smoothed out the way XP notifications were displayed.

• Addressed some rare cases where the game would crash when launching the game.

• Hawkeye (Modern)’s power Blast Arrow now displays the correct description at power level 5.

• Silver Surfer (Skyrider)’s power Cosmic Beam now has the correct tense at power level 2

• Doctor Strange (Classic)’s power Eye of Agamotto can only be activated if there is a basic tile on the board.

• Blade (Modern)’s power Bloodlust now plays an animation when it activates.

• Moon Knight (Marc Spector)’s power Moonsilver Blades can no longer be fired if there is not a valid enemy.

• Teisatsu’s power Turn to Smoke will no longer display a banner when there isn’t any available tiles for the power to create attack tiles on.