Hi Everyone,

Here are the release notes for the R136.1 patch

What’s Changed:

  • Gambit joins the Roster!
  • Celebrate the 4 Year Anniversary of MPQ starting on October 5!
  • Special Anniversary Events with Double Iso-8, Anniversary Tokens, and other rewards:
    • X-Men vs. the Apocalypse – New!
    • Class of 2017!
    • RRRAAAWWWR – Devil Dino Anniversary Event!
  • Rogue (Classic)’s power Power Siphon no longer prevents the enemy from collecting AP in in the color of Power Siphon by the line clears from Match-4 or greater, or from powers that gain AP from destroying tiles.
  • Pressing the Remind Me Later button no longer prompts the player to rate the game every 24 hours

Update: Added store-front info to release notes