Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R146 update.


  • Shuri, the brilliant innovator and Princess of Wakanda, is coming soon!

What’s Changed:

  • A new setting has been added in the Options Menu that allows players to turn off the AP tray from switching to Enemy AP during Enemy turns.
  • Tiles cleared by a line clear, from matching 4 or more tiles, will not trigger passives that deal additional damage for matches. This impacts the following powers:
    • America Chavez (Young Avengers) – Punch Everyone
    • Lockjaw (Royal Bulldog) – Loyal Protector
    • Rogue (Classic) – Power Siphon
  • Numerous Character Ability Updates & Fixes
    • Vision (Android Avenger) – Light Disruption now converts enemy Attack, Strike, or Protect tiles (instead of just Strike or Protect tiles).
    • Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) – Goblin King now fortifies Repeater tiles, as well as Countdown Tiles
    • [At Power Level 5] Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) – Goblin King reduces all Countdown tiles (instead of 64) by 1 turn.
    • Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force) – Countdown for What now activates if Deadpool is stunned when the enemy matches the tile.
    • Thor (Gladiator) – God of Thunder next level text has been corrected to exclude tile destruction at power level 3
  • New Limited-Time S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Level 5 Pack
    • Available once you reach S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank of 20 or higher
    • All players who have obtained this rank already will have access to this bundle when it first launches
    • Contains covers, Hero Points, Iso-8, and Heroic tokens
    • Available in the Heroes for Hire store
    • Maximum 1 purchase.
    • Contents:
      • 3,000 Hero Points
      • 32,000 Iso-8
      • 6 Heroic Tokens
      • 9 covers (3 of each power) of
        • Iron Fist (Immortal Weapon)
        • Luke Cage (Hero for Hire)
      • Can be purchased for $19.99 (converted accordingly to your region’s currency)
      • Lasts 3 days from when it is first made available to the player