Hi Everyone,

Check out the R184 Release Notes:


  •  “As Vast As Stars”

What’s Changed:

Patience is indeed a virtue, but let’s be honest; having to wait can still be a pain sometimes. Whether it’s scrolling through long menus or waiting for Mindless Ones to finish creating Special Tiles, sometimes you just want to get back to the action as fast as you can. That’s one big reason why the team has been hard at work on a brand new engine for the game! Yes, that’s right. A brand new game engine is coming to MPQ in R184!

Check out all the details below:

  • Smoother animations and scrolling
  • On-demand texture and sound downloading
    • Please Note: All assets will need to be re-downloaded first
  • Higher resolution textures on mobile
    • Max required storage space on mobile will increase to 1.4 GB
      • Please Note: “Required storage space” is the headroom necessary to apply a game update only for players that have downloaded every single asset in the game.
    • Max install size on mobile will increase to 780 MB
      • Please Note: Typical install size is generally much smaller than max. Only players who have downloaded every single asset in the game will hit the max install size.
  • Sharper rendering on all platforms
  • Optimized start-up
  • PC client is now a 64-bit executable
    • Please Note: This means that 32 bit operating systems on PC will unfortunately be no longer supported.
  • Android now supports Immersive mode
  • Android and iOS now support Sensor Portrait mode.

Please note that due to the engine changes, Steam players will have to do a full re-download of the game. In addition, Steam players may be unable to launch the game until they download R184, since the launch configuration has also been changed in the new build.

Thank you all for your patience, and we can’t wait for you all to see it in action!