Hi Everyone –

Here are the Release Notes for the R193 update!


“acid wash jeans”

We’re up to snow good in MPQ with the holidays in full force! Sleigh all day with new characters, seasonal content, jolly offers, and more! Icy what you did there 

  • Hazard tiles are able to activate when there are not any Team-Up tiles on the board.
  • Tapping anywhere on the screen after opening a 10x or 40x pack will take you to the next comic.
  • On the PC version of the game, tightened up the selectable area for selecting characters in battle.
  • The strongest color will be the Power that is displayed first when there is a tie in of strongest colors. This is prominently seen with enemy non-playable characters.
  • A new filter has been added in the roster screen that allows players to filter characters that can have their levels increased with Iso-8.
  • Duplicate versions of characters that both can be leveled will now appear in the Level Up filter.
  • When you access the Champion reward list for a specific character it will skip to the point where you get the next reward instead of the start of the list.
  • Backing out of the Champion Reward list will take you to the screen that you were previously on.
  • When firing M.O.D.O.K. (A.I.M. Overlord)’s Doomsday Plan, the cursor will correctly be displayed on the enemy.
  • Banners no longer obscure the character when receiving shards in pop-up messages.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!