Hi Everyone –

Here are the Release Notes for the R196 Update!

“Bring in the cats of peace”

Round out February with updated Shield Clearance Level rewards and so much more!

  • Starting in Infinite Pursuit on 2/27, the Challenge mission will have a different color to help differentiate it from other missions.
  • The text is no longer displayed invisible when typing with Dark Mode enabled in the Alliance Screen on iOS devices.
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)’s power Stick Around is no longer able to stun the enemy team when there are 4 or more Web tiles on the board and Thanos (The Mad Titan)’s Infinite Power’s Countdown tile is on the board.
  • Karolina Dean (Runaways)’s power Rising Sun no longer displays a banner twice when the Countdown tile expires.
  • Updated the text on Kitty Pryde’s Countdown tile text to more accurately depict what type of tiles are affected.
  • The animation for Carnage (Prophet of Knull)’s power Blood Feud is no longer displayed flipped in battle.
  • Spider-Man (2099)’s name is displayed correctly when purchasing his Shards from the Resource Store.
  • Ebony Maw (Children of Thanos)’s display banner in battle will now display Steal Random AP to more accurately match the power
  • The Boost icons are displayed larger in the Select Team-Up/Boost screen before entering a battle
  • Required missions will properly display the Subname