Hi Everyone –

Here are the Release Notes for R198.

“Mostly come out at night…mostly”

Spring has sprung in MPQ and you ain’t green nothing yet! We welcome a new character, extra specials, and even more new content!

  • Fixed a bug where some players had the same Shard Shop contents.
  • Character comics in the Roster screen have been updated to include a “Shard Meter” indicating how many Shards the character has. Clicking the Shard icon will allow players to toggle that character as a Favorite Character.
  • When viewing a Character from the Roster screen, you can now press a button to toggle the UI around the character. Pressing anywhere on the screen reveals the UI again.
  • Corrected how some covers were attributed in the Character Info screen.
  • Players can now back up their save using Sign In with Apple. Players on iOS devices can choose between either Facebook or Apple to backup their saves.