Hi Everyone –

Here are the Release Notes for R200.

“Under the pale moonlight”

The 200th Update is here and MARVEL Puzzle Quest gets an all-new character, awesome specials, and even more legendary content!

  • Maria Hill (S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative)’s Life Model Ambush power now has a sound effect when activated
  • The No Events Are Currently Available message no longers displays immediately after exiting the Event Rewards screen.
  • The sell character option will no longer be hidden in some rare cases from the Stats and More screen.
  • Powers that reduce the strength of Special tiles to 1 will no longer reduce the strength to 0.
  • [iOS Only] Made various fixes to the Apple ID sign-in process
  • [iOS Only] Interacting with images from pop-ups should no longer result in getting stuck in an unresponsive screen.
  • [iOS Only] Dropped support of iOS 8 and 9. MPQ supports iOS 10 and higher.