Hi Everyone –

Here are the R206 Release Notes:

“Iron Fist”

Battle your opponents with an ALL-NEW character for hire, introduce new Heroes to S.H.I.E.L.D. including Killmonger, stock up on rewards, and round out the end of Mind Stone Season on top!

  • Further improvements have been made to Supports:
    • When swapping a Support for one you already have equipped, a pop up is displayed comparing both Supports (including perks).
    • The Support info screen now displays all info on a single page. Scrolling down the page now reveals the perks for that Support.
    • Each Support can now be swapped up to 3 times per day. Previously, you had to wait 2 hours between swapping a single Support.
    • Supports can now be unequipped.
    • Simplified the process of equipping Supports.
  • When using Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) with multiple enemy minions of the same type, the description for the power “Damnation” now gives the position of the minion that has dealt the most damage.
  • The “Dora Milaje” Support’s Rank 4 perk now correctly increases the equipped character’s maximum health in battle.
  • Text and images on pack odds screens are now correctly centered.
  • Tiles will no longer appear incorrectly (wrong colors, invisible, etc) on some Samsung Devices.
  • Text will now correctly wrap in Introducing… Character Story events.
  • Several banners now play at the correct time while animations are turned on.